Photo Editing Process

ppinch photo edit process

Skilled Software Engineers, Skilled Process Engineers and Skilled Digital Images Editors created and engineered a Specific Process for each phase to edit your images in the proper way.


  • Transfer Images
  • Store Images
  • Firewall Images
  • Manage Images

ppinch system has an automatic software which enables to transfer the images from “your site” to “ppinch site“. An high speed and a redundant internet connection support this phase.
ppinch stores all your images in a High Performer File Server system equipped with backups devices and software.
A specific Firewall system guarantees safety of all your pictures. The images are moved from the File Server to the digital editor only when he/she has to edit your images. For safety reasons your image is transferred back to the File Server as soon as the editor has finished editing.


  • Digital Editor Skilled in Beauty Retouching
  • Digital Editor Skilled in Clipping Path
  • Digital Editor Skilled in Grid Outlining

The ppinch Team is organized and specialized for each specific demand.

ppinch has operators with skill in clipping path editing, other skilled in beauty retouching jobs etc etc. The Manager, with the help of HUGE® ppinch software, chooses the most suitable operator according to the kind of edit required. All the retouch is performed on wide screen Apple devices.


  • Quality and Process Manager
  • HUGE Software
  • Team “A” dedicated to edit your images
  • Team “B” dedicated to the Quality Assurance.

Here ppinch is really a step ahead: The Manager, HUGE system and the Digital Quality Insurance Engineer, guarantee the Quality Assurance of the process. A qualified team of engineers are committed to review the work of the photo editing team. Ppinch will check part of or all the images depending on requested quality level. When the images reach the right quality the process will receive the “green light” and the order can be delivered to client.


  • Green Light
  • Manager Authorization
  • Delivery

Once the images have received the quality “green light” the Manager will authorise the delivery. The software will transfer the images to your site as per agreement. The images (original and edited) are stored for safety reasons for one more day on ppinch File Server and deleted afterwards.


ppinch services aim to reduce the costs of standard photo-edit approach, offering a full dedicated process, tailor-made quality assurance at affordable price.


Your products are the gateway to the commercial business.

A good quality photograph helps to enhance the attractiveness of your product and the correct photo-edit will help to increase your sales.

ppinch engineer crafts the perfect pictures according to the commercial appeal.

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