we take care of your pixels


every pixel matters

ppinch is an italian conceived slovak based company, specialized in post-production services
working with high-end equipment, expertise and experience.

the best results within your budget according to your needs

photo edit examples


In ppinch the Italian handicraft style merges with high industrial automation processes and a great experience in computer science

to guarantee a high Quality Assurance warranty.

  • The people that retouch your pictures doesn’t check their own works!
  • A different and properly trained Quality Team check your pictures.
  • A customised internal software developed by ppinch ensure the control of your retouching.

every pixel will be retouched

every pixel will be quality checked

’cause every pixel matters!

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ppinch services aim to reduce the costs of standard photo-edit approach, offering a full dedicated process, tailor-made quality assurance at affordable price.


Your products are the gateway to the commercial business.

A good quality photograph helps to enhance the attractiveness of your product and the correct photo-edit will help to increase your sales.

ppinch engineer crafts the perfect pictures according to the commercial appeal.

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